Car Wreckers Auckland

When you call Car Wreckers Auckland, we offer you a quote for your vehicle depending on its age & condition.

If you accept the quote, we will pay you in cash and we will tow away your unwanted cars, old trucks or SUV without charging you for it.

This is the most hassle-free way of selling an old and rusty broken car in Auckland.

Cash for Broken Car Collection in Auckland

The great part about calling Car Wreckers Auckland is that you can sell your broken car to us today. When you call one of our friendly customer care specialists, they will give you an instant quote for your vehicle right over the phone by answering a few of the following questions:

  • Make of Vehicle
  • Model Of Vehicle
  • Year It Was Manufactured
  • Overall Condition

That is all we need. We offer FREE removal with cash in hand service for all broken car collections. Even if your vehicle is not in safe driving condition, or is damaged beyond repair, you can sell your unwanted cars to us. We have been in business since 1999, so our skilled team of auto professionals knows the process in and out and we can provide an accurate quote in a matter of minutes. Sell your unwanted scrap cars at an instant. Call our cash for cars Auckland toll-free number for a quick cash quote - 0800 99 55 99.

car wreckers offering cash for cars

Recycle or dump your unwanted vehicles for cash In Auckland

At Car Wreckers Auckland we pay you cash on the spot on time pick up. No matter what amount of damage or broken your car is, you will get paid to have your car removed. All unwanted cars are then scrapped and recycled in a safe process.

If you answer a few details about your vehicle it helps us to give you an exact quote. We need Make, Model, Year and a rough condition of the car. Even if you can let us know the plate number we can straightaway check it using Carjam. After giving you a rough idea of how much you can get for your scrap car we confirm your booking and within 1 hour we try to complete the job.

Car Wreckers pay cash upfront at the time of broken car collection and there are no obligations. If you are looking to recycle your old scrap cars, trucks, vans, utes or 4x4s look no further and give us a call on toll-free number 0800 99 55 99.

Car Wreckers Offer FREE car removal in Auckland

One of the most common reasons why you still have that trash old broken vehicles parked up in your backyard or driveway is because you don't know what to do with it. You can't sell it on trademe or facebook because no one wants to buy old or broken vehicles. But we at Car Wreckers here in Auckland buy all your unwanted cars, trucks, vans, utes or 4x4s dead or alive and offer you cash for it with FREE removal. Our broken car collection is the best in Auckland with Quick cash and hassle-free system.

Our service and goal are to make all the process as quick and fast as possible. Easy for you and us. In most cases, we finish a job within an hour of booking. Some car removal services charge for pick up or only offer free old car removal but we at Car Wreckers Auckland offer FREE pick up and cash in hand with no charges for anything at all.

Our staff of Car Wreckers in Auckland delivers one of the best scrap car removal Auckland service. We are the largest buyers of old wrecked broken cars in Auckland and surrounding areas. It does not matter if your vehicle is in located a driveway, street or in your backyard, we arrange a car removal service at no extra cost to you. It does not matter to us at Car Wreckers Auckland buyers, what condition your car, truck, vans, utes or  SUV is in, we offer free unwanted car removal services in Auckland, 7 days a week.

Scrap Your Car In Auckland

At Car Wreckers Auckland we offer broken car collection and cash paid upfront. We make scrapping your car easy and quick in Auckland and the surrounding regions. Not only we will remove your old and broken car but will pay cash for it. No other company can beat our price. Scrap your old cars, trucks, vans, utes or 4x4s today for cash. We take vehicles and autos in all condition.
  • Met with an accident
  • broken down and not running anymore
  • Got fire damage
  • Body damage
  • Head gasket is blown or oil leaks
  • old and wrecked condition
We can scrap your trash car today for cash!
car wreckers scrap cars in auckland

Scrapping Your Car in Auckland Most Efficient Broken Car Collection

Car Wreckers Auckland has been in business since ages-so we know what we are doing! Beware of those wreckers who charge you for towing and scrapping an old wrecked vehicle.
  • Gather the following information-Make, Model, and Year. Don't worry, no car is too old, or too wrecked for us to help you sell your cars, trucks, vans, utes or 4x4s fast.
  • Call us on our toll-free number 0800 88 44 55 and give us a quick review of the condition of your car. So we can provide you with an estimated quote for your junk vehicles.
  • Give us a time what fits you best. We try to finish any job within 1hour.
  • Our professional driver arrives with a tow truck and does a quick check on your vehicle. If everything looks good we confirm the ownership and the driver gives you the plates back. You are then paid CASH in hand and within next 5min your trash old wrecked car is gone.
  • The rest is up to us. Your car is then taken to the Wrecking yard and the reusable parts are then reconditioned and sold for a cheap price. All vehicles are then recycled in a systematic way.
The best part is that in most cases we can arrange for removal and scrap your car the same day!
Scrapping and wrecking your car in Auckland is easy. All you have to do is call us on 0800 99 55 99 and book your FREE old car removal.
car wreckers broken car collection

Up to $11,000 cash for your old and wrecked cars

The whole process is quick and easy for Car Wreckers Auckland and we offer FREE broken car collection. All the process takes about an hour or two to get your old car wrecked.
if you want cash for cars in Auckland and the North Island region, think no further and call us today. Our toll-free number is 0800 99 55 99. We are the number 1 car wreckers in Auckland who offer FREE removal with no obligations.

Our Car Removal Method Is the Most Efficient

  • Cars
  • Vans, utes, 4WDs and light commercial vehicles
  • Trucks

Get an accurate quote by calling on the toll-free number 0800 99 55 99 or fill out the quote form.

Free Car Removal Auckland for all makes, models, and conditions
Whether you have a Toyota, Nissan or any make/model, We will buy it for hard cash and offer you free broken car collection for it. Regardless of any condition dead or alive, we will remove it for free.
Environment-friendly scrap car wrecking
Our environment is important and most definitely worth looking after! At Car Wreckers Auckland, we recycle every car we remove and unusable parts disposed of. Our team makes sure not only to recycle the old cars and help the environment but also pay the best price.

Get Up To $11K Cash For Cars – Any Make & Model !

Cash For Cars

Get the FREE auto removal and top cash for cars in Auckland, NZ. Car Wreckers Auckland – Premier Used Car Buyers. Sell your car now, simply call us on 0800 99 55 99

Car Removal

Car wreckers Auckland pay top cash for cars & offer FREE car removal. We are known as the top car wreckers in Auckland. Book now for a FREE removal service.

4X4 Wreckers

4×4 Wreckers Auckland – Pajero – Mistral- Terrano – Land Cruiser- Hilux Surf – Bighorn – Escudo – Discovery – UD Desiel – 4×4 Trucks Vans – Auckland.

Truck Wreckers

Truck Wreckers NZ – We Pay CASH for Trucks up to $ 11K. Any Make/Model of Truck, 4WD, Vans or UTES. Truck Wreckers Dismantlers – Truck Removals – Cash for Trucks.



This whole process will cost the buyers nothing as our vehicle removal in Auckland and the entire northern region is free of cost. Additionally, the arrival of our tow trucks, the buying and selling of your junk vehicle, all of this will take less than two hours from your time. If you want cash for cars in Auckland and the North Island region, then dial our toll-free number 0800 88 44 55 and avail the best deal on junk vehicles in the whole town!

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